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Stars Disco
Sat 25th November 2017 in Dymock Parish Hall 8 Midnight Dress Up as a Star, Celebrity, or Someone Famous 10 Ticket Includes Fish and Chip Supper Bar........ read more >>
(article posted on Tue 17th Oct 2017)

Dymock Cricket Club duck race Saturday 7th October
50 cash prize for the first duck! Other prizes awarded to the first five ducks home. The ducks will be released onto the River Leadon at 3pm from Longbridge........ read more >>
(article posted on Tue 3rd Oct 2017)

Dymock Parish Hall,Late Summer Show
Despite the previous windy weather which had damaged flowers ,the show was very successful. There were twenty exhibitors and 151 exhibits compared with........ read more >>
(article posted on Fri 22nd Sep 2017)

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