Village Diary

Wintours Green

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Wintours Green is the central focus of the Village. Situated in front of St. Mary's Church it is the site of all the major gatherings of the parishioners, from the Strawberry Fayre to the 'Proms' concert. It was named for the Wintour family which is a very well known family in the area and four members of the family are buried within the sanctuary of the Church itself. William Wintour was one of Sir Francis Drake's captains during the battle against the Spanish Armada and Sir John Wintour held Dymock for the Royalists against Oliver Cromwell during the Civil War. His base was in The White House opposite the Church and Wintours Green. Between the two World Wars there was a German cannon from the Great War on display on the Green. This was removed during the Second World War for recycling into munitions. Two well known gypsies called Sophie and Donald were regular visitors to the green. Sophie smoked a pipe and Donald played the concertina. Although Wintours Green is now an open space, it used to house the vicarage which was demolished in 1881 after Earl Beauchamp bought High House as a more appropriate vicarage. In 1895 Earl Beauchamp transferred ownership to the Parish Council who originally named it Beauchamps Green and has been responsible for the maintenance of it ever since. It was later renamed Wintours Green and at the beginning of the 20th Century there was a row of lime trees from the lychgate straight down to the road.