Village Diary

Dymock Parish Community First Responders

Established in 2009, the Dymock Community First Responder (CFR) scheme operates as a community partnership between St John Ambulance, Great Western Ambulance Service and the Dymock community. The scheme has been set up to provide 1st Aid cover for the community by the community.

What Community First Responders do?

  • Being a CFR volunteer means getting on with your life in the Parish, but being available (on-call) to respond to particular life threatening medical emergencies in your community while an ambulance is on its way.
  • You decide when you want to be 'on call' - to fit in with your life style and the many other responders in the community. The more volunteers we have the more cover we can give to the community.
  • St John Ambulance provides all the necessary training and equipment (defribulator, oxygen, phone, clothing, etc).
  • Alerted by ambulance control at the same time as an NHS ambulance, CFRs are only sent to Category A (immediately life-threatening) medical calls. We are not sent to road traffic incidents, fires, medical calls involving children (under 12yrs) and potentially violent situations.
  • We aim to stop the medical condition from becoming worse until the ambulance arrives, if necessary by using life-saving procedures, as well as providing reassurance to the patient, friends and relatives.
  • We meet every month with other local CFR units in Kempley, Newent and Highnam to train and enhance our skills.

Want to know more?

Anyone who lives in the area can get involved with our CFR scheme, no previous medical experience required. For more information please contact:

Local CFR Contact : Andrew Winterbotham (01531 890734)

St John Ambulance : CFR Manager (01452 858234)