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The Beauchamp Arms

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The last remaining village pub was put on the market in the 1990's and, rather than have a purchaser buy it for conversion to residential property as had happened with other Parish pubs, the Parish Council decided to buy it for the community. It is now one of the few Parish owned pubs in the country. Hopefully, once the mortgage is paid off, any profits will help reduce the Parish precept of the Council Tax. It, along with the neighbouring Parish Hall, is the centre of community life and has its own support group, Friends of the Beauchamp Arms.

Friends of the Beauchamp Arms

The Friends of the Beauchamp Arms (FoBA) formed in April 2003. The aim of the group is to support the parish with the upkeep of the pub by raising funds through community events that everyone can attend, to ensure that the pub stays open for the whole community and visitors to Dymock.

A pub and post office are central to any village and we are extremely fortunate that the Parish owns the Beauchamp. The friends are going to be using the Post Office for all of their banking to support it.

The group will organise events to raise funds for the pub to ensure that it remains at the centre of our community. The events will take place throughout the year and will be suitable for everyone, young and old.

So far you have kindly donated over 6 000 to FoBA. This money has been provided the pub with a new porch, new guttering and the exterior of the pub has been painted. The next project is to raise money so that the windows can be replaced. All of the events have been well supported so a BIG THANK YOU to you all.

The minutes of the FoBA meetings are on the notice board in the pub along with the date of the next meeting, everyone is welcome.

Best Wishes
Marc Boon
FoBA Chairman

FoBA tries to use local companies and individuals and any work carried out on the pub has the full permission of the Parish Council.

FOBA Family New Year's Eve Party, see in 2014 with us!
Details can be found here.