Village Diary

Dymock Gardeners’ Club

This friendly society meets on the first Thursday of most months in Dymock Parish Hall at 7.30pm; the exceptions being the summer months of June, July and August.

The June meeting is usually an evening visit to a local garden of some interest.

In July the society meets on a Saturday afternoon for the annual garden party, which is held at the home of a willing member. This is a very relaxed meeting where good food, the accompanying wine and the awarding of the society trophies ensures a pleasant meeting.

In August we hire a coach for a day out to visit a garden slightly further afield. We take a very gentle stroll around the grounds, where we admire, and occasionally, offer constructive criticism on the horticultural wonders we have come to see.

It’s hard to believe in this day and age that the annual membership is just £7-00. This is possibly the best use of seven pounds you will ever find. This provides a varied and interesting selection of speakers at our meetings who pass on their information and knowledge to all who listen. This is followed by the raffle, the monthly competition results, along with the awarding of the resulting prizes and then a pleasant chat with friends over a cup of tea or coffee with some delicious biscuits.

The members of the society have the opportunity to purchase seeds from a well know seed merchant at greatly reduced rates. The rates of discount vary, but basically the more we buy the cheaper they get!

The members of the society have varied horticultural interests, some being 'veg people' and others being 'flower people' with the majority lying somewhere in between these two points of view and enjoying all aspects of their gardens, especially if this means viewing it from a lounger on a sunny day with a cool drink to hand. Some members are possibly not very interested in horticulture at all, but come along for the social side of it. It matters not: everyone is welcome at this very friendly club.

All are welcome

For further information please feel free to contact any member of the committee.